In honour of Radhika’s memory, the Radhika Sen Memorial Fund has been created to further her passion for new technology, especially for the underprivileged. She had so much more to offer to society when she unexpectedly passed earlier this year. She was 36 years old and as they say, “had the world at her feet.” In her memory, Radhika’s parents and Plan India have instituted this Memorial Fund that will identify girls from the most vulnerable communities across India and train them in the digital ecosystem. They will be equipped with digital story-telling capabilities, trained to digitally communicate their views to a broader forum including their communities and their ecosystem and taught to leverage the medium as a tool for their learning.

If Radhika were here, she would have lent her voice to the most marginalised, with the Radhika Sen Memorial Fund we aim to help girls find their voice for themselves and empower them to raise their voices for issues that impact them.

The funds raised would go towards

  • Supporting adolescent girls and young women from rural and urban poor backgrounds to complete digital training and become Digital Mitras
  • The Digital Mitra training will help build their skills for – (a) improving their own life situation by leveraging the potential and power of the internet and digital media, and (b) acting as catalysts and change makers for their peers and family members driving uptake of digital tools and opportunities available in their eco-system