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We believe in partnership to achieve our organizational vision to advance child rights and equality for girls. At first, our partnership model aims to share the knowledge, expertise, best practices to promote learning in larger communities. We also consider the partnership as the space for learning. Working in a partnership approach helps in promoting accountability among different stakeholder towards the collective efforts in improving the quality of life of marginalized and vulnerable children, young people, particularly girls and young women.

Partnering with Communities

Plan India has implemented its programs in 5,596 villages/urban slums across 81 districts in partnership with more than 17,000 community – based organizations and 128 Local and National NGOs and local government institutions (Anganwadi, Health Center, School Management Committees) at village/slum and block level. To promote gender equality, Plan India engages boys and men as partners to play a role in overcoming gender inequality and discrimination.

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Partnering with Government

Plan India is a member of the State Taskforce Committee of Anemia Mukt Bharat. It has been contributing to the Swach Bharat & Swach Vidyalaya and Open Defecation Free Missions.

In alignment with our Country Strategy, Plan India has been working closely with State Commission for Protecting Children’s Rights (SCPCR), the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), State Commission for Women, Department of Labour to protect children from all forms of abuses and exploitation.  It extends technical support and assistance to state governments on developing guidelines for addressing child labor and child marriage.

We are the active contributors to the Government Beti Bacho Beti Padhao mandate through the campaigns such as Because I am a Girl and Girls Get Equal.


Partnering with Niti Aayog

The NITI Aayog is a public policy think tank of the Government of India, which takes a key role and responsibility in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. It also aims to build partnerships with key stakeholders and national and international like-minded think tanks. Plan India has signed a Statement of Intent with NITI Aayog to improve Health & Nutrition facilities in seven aspirational districts across five states.

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Partnering with Corporate India

Corporations are a key stakeholder aligning on the developmental agenda. Plan India works with numerous corporates to work on programs that address some of the key issues that impact girls and young women with the aim of making lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable communities, families and children. Many of these projects have worked on delivering outcomes on quality education, inclusive health and nutrition, creating a protective and secure environment, ensuring sustained livelihood opportunities and disaster resilience and response.

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Partnering with Networks

Plan India has been working in partnerships and alliances with other like-minded NGOs, CBOs, and development actors at micro, meso, and macro levels.

Joining Force Coalition

“Joining Force” is a coalition of six child-focused organizations (ChildFund, Save the Children, Plan International, SOS children’s village, Terre Des Home, and World Vision) formed globally to support children defending their rights and combat violence against children. In alignment with the global group, the same organizations in India established the Joining Force in India. Plan India is actively engaged in this network and contributes its potentials. The Joining Forces had commissioned a national Child Right Situation Analysis (CRSA) with the primary objective of describing how well India is progressing towards achieving the child rights goals and sustainable development goals.

National Youth Alliance

The purpose of the National Youth Alliance is to empower the youth, enable them to voice their needs and concerns, and enable their active participation in governance.  It is an open platform and provides an enabling environment where youth, organizations, and individuals can share and discuss their experiences, needs, problems, and issues.

There are a lot of organizations working in tandem on various over-lapping development issues related to youth in the areas of health, nutrition, education, employable skill development, livelihood, gender equality, and reproductive and sexual health rights.  NYA is a step towards this direction that aims to bring in all the NGOs/CSOs, donors, government institutions, policymakers, individuals, and youth under a single umbrella for effective implementation of projects.

Plan India represented the National Youth Alliance since 2004, along with 24 youth-focused organizations.  In 2019, the alliance members selected Plan India as the secretariat.

National Youth Network in Plan India

Young people are tomorrow’s leaders. Today’s youth are well placed to make a difference. They come from different communities and are acquainted with the problems. Their motivation and determination to improve the lives of children, young people, particularly girls are absolutely remarkable. Youth will be the ones to see the long-term consequences of today’s decisions and actions.

Keeping this in mind, Plan India established the National Youth Advisory Panel (NYAP) in June 2015 through a democratic process whereby the youth elected national representatives from each state.  There are 24 members (boys and girls) in the age group of 19-24 years from nine states.  All the states have state level Youth Advisory Panel.

Plan India will work closely with Youth Advisory Panels to build Youth Alliance at national level by connecting with other youth-led organizations formed by CSOs and Government.  The National Youth Alliance is a platform to network with other like-minded youth-led organizations in line with the Government of India National Youth Policy, which emphasized the youth engagement in civil and political structure.  It is also a space for youth to influence duty bearers to bring relevant changes in policies and services.

The representatives from the National Youth Alliance to engage in the board of governance meeting, where they could raise their voice, concern, ideas and views to advance child rights and equality for girls.

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