How does Plan make a difference?

Plan’s active support for child development over a long period of time aims to improve the healthy development of children from before birth, through safe delivery, preschool care and development, primary and secondary education, to an adulthood in which they can be valuable and productive members of their community.

Plan works to overcome the barriers that prevent children from breaking out of the poverty cycle. Its advocacy initiatives are aligned to child rights as laid down by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

By involving children and seeking their views at every stage of program design, implementation and evaluation, Plan ensures that children play an active role in their own growth.

What will Plan do with my Donation?

Plan runs various programs to work with children in difficult circumstances. These programs essentially focus on education, health care, nutrition and protection. Donations received goes towards ensuring that these programs deliver lasting impact in the lives of children, especially girls. In just the last year…

# 885206 children in the age group of 0-6 yrs, have been reached through early childhood development programs
# 817621, children and young people have been reached through gender transformative child protection programs
# 752244 children have accessed quality education
# 697371 girls and young women have been reached through our programs on sexual reproductive health.
# 36,652 young people were trained in opportunities that provide employment
# 1,492,350 people were impacted through our humanitarian response.

How do I ensure that my donation for the NGO is utilized properly?

Plan India is well-acknowledged as credible, accountable and transparent organization. It meets all the statutory compliances set forth by the Government of India. Our donor funded projects undergo rigorous third party evaluations and have always been commended on the quality of work and efficiency of processes. To assure complete transparency, our donors/stakeholders are free to check our accounts and/or visit programs. Accounts and programs are audited regularly and strict guidelines on finances are maintained as per Plan International global standards at all times.

How much of my money goes towards Plan's development projects?

As a not-for-profit organization that is supported by public funds, Plan India deploys over 80% of the money raised towards program objectives and not more than 20% is earmarked towards administration, marketing and communication. These are well within global and national norms.

Does Plan India get funds from any other source than individuals?

In India we have been working on getting funds from corporates and also various funding institutions.

How does Plan identify the programs and areas to work in?

Projects are supported based on Plan’s identified areas of work and priority needs that align with Plan’s vision and mission through thorough need assessment studies.

The projects are identified based on their innovativeness and capacity to change children’s lives through involvement of the community members as well as the children themselves.

Is my donation tax-exempt?

Yes, all contributions to Plan India are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act.