Plan India has volunteering and internship opportunities available for students, practitioners, and professionals.

Who can volunteer?

We accept applications from Indian nationals who are:
  • Willing to abide by our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy to protect children from any harm and abuse.
  • Willing to promote rights of girls & children to learn, lead , decide & thrive.
  • Committed to contribute to the community on their own free will without expectations of monetary rewards.
  • Who have at least basic education till 12th

Who can intern?

  • Any student who has a requirement of internship in the course curriculum can apply for Internship along with letter from college.
  • School children above 14 years with consent from parent and accompanied by parent.

Why Volunteer/Intern?

  • To gain a sense of perspective and understand impact of small things on the community.
  • To make a difference and give back to the society.
  • To learn and build skills in community development.

For how long I can Volunteer/Intern?

  • Ideally minimum of 15 days and maximum of 6 months or as per project /programme need.
  • As per Internship letter issued by the respective institute.


“If you have a zeal to help make this world a better place, drop us your updates resume highlighting your interest area, skill set, duration and location to”