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Join the Girls Get Equal movement by signing the pledge below and make your voice count for girls’ rights in India.
  • I pledge to drive action and investment in all girls and young women.
  • I will help create an equal world where girls and young women wield their rights.
  • I will support girls and young women as leaders.
  • I will share my power and stand up for girls’ rights.
  • I will support equal access online and offline.

    Girls Get Equal

    Girls Get Equal is the global campaign demanding power, freedom and representation for girls and young women. It’s about ensuring every girl and young woman has power over her own life and can shape the world around her. A world free from discrimination, harassment and violence. Imagine a world where you see and hear girls equally in the corridors of power, at decision-making tables, in boardrooms, in the media. Imagine a world that values girls, and where girls value themselves. Girls Get Equal is campaigning in support of girls’ power, voice, participation and leadership in over 60 countries. The girls’ rights movement is changing our world but girls can’t achieve equality alone, they need allies. They need you.

    Get Involved

    Girls Get Equal Challenge
    On the eve of International Day of the Girl, on 11th October, Plan India launched the Girls Get Equal Challenge on social media. Prominent Bollywood celebrities have joined the challenge, in a show of solidarity and support for equal power, freedom and representation of girls and young women.

    The #GirlsGetEqualChallenge is all about donning an equal sign on the face with a message on why you think that it’s time for girls to get equal and tagging Plan India on Twitter and Instagram.

    Join in and share your voice in support of Girls Get Equal.
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    Stories of Grit and Determination

    Read the inspiring stories of girls’ quest for gender equality

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    Report of ‘Girls Takeovers’ across India


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    Learn the facts

    • Only 39% females aged 25 and above acquire some secondary education
    • 26% of Indian women between 18-29 years are married before they turn 18
    • There are only 11.6% women representatives in the Parliament of India
    • Only 27.2% females 15 and above constitute the nation’s labour force
    • 898 females are born for every 1,000 males in India
    • 111,569 children below 18 years of age – 70,394 girls and 41,175 boys were reported missing in 2016