With the 3rd wave of the pandemic, India is again witnessing an exponential rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. Vulnerable communities who are still struggling to cope with the aftermath of the previous wave are looking at a future of uncertainty and insecurity. We need your support more than ever now to stop the devastating impact of the pandemic on vulnerable families by ensuring a strong health infrastructure and ensuring they have access to food and protective kits.

Extend your support to HELP INDIA HEAL!

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#HelpIndiaHeal by supporting families with:

1) Family protection kit
Contains N-95 mask & soaps

2) Food and nutrition kit
To combat daily wage losses and prevention of malnourishment among children due to closure of schools and early childhood care centers and the consequent disruption of mid-day meal/nutrition supply.

3) Strengthen rural health facilities
Equip rural health care facilities with COVID care and treatment kit comprising of - 1. Infrared Thermometers; 2. Oximeters;
3. Digital BP measurement machine; 4. Nebulizer

Covid-19 crisis

Help us mitigate the suffering of Covid-affected vulnerable families and migrant labourers.


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Ensure every girl has power over her life and the world around her.