Digital Learning Centres

In 2015, 400 million Indians had internet access, an increase of 49% from the previous year. However, the percentage of women users was just 29%. (Source: Internet and Mobile Association of India)

The Digital Learning Centres, set up by Plan India in collaboration with Ericsson, utilise technology solutions to provide a quality education to young women in the age group of 15-25 years within their own communities, thereby overcoming the challenge of limited mobility.

The project aims to benefit more than 15,000 young women over the next three years by making learning and skill development affordable and available to them in a safe and convenient environment.

Project Activities

  • Learning centres in marginalised communities of Plan India's programme areas have been set up
  • Enrolment drives in communities for girls to enrol in the centres have been conducted
  • Parents' counselling sessions to encourage girls to study further and not drop out have been organised
  • Identifying and deploying experienced teachers and scheduling their tuition classes have been done

Key Achievements

  • 15 learning centres and one resource hub have been established in Dwarka, Holambi Kalan and Rangpuri Pahadi
  • 4,871 young girls are actively attending scheduled classes
  • 25,672 parents and community members have been sensitised on the importance of girls’ education through community meetings and parents’ orientation sessions
  • A video on the project was created in collaboration with The Better India. The video was launched on Girls in ICT Day (April 28) and has been a tremendous success in terms of people response garnering over 184,000 views within just a few days of being launched

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