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Plan India, as part of its efforts towards building Safe Cities and Public Spaces for women and girls, is developing comprehensive approaches for reclaiming public spaces and ensuring women’s safety. Considering the overall vision, Pink Toilets is a Public-Private collaboration between Plan India, PVR NEST and Municipal Corporation of Delhi to increase women’s physical and economic mobility by creating safe and gender friendly public spaces, thereby increasing their participation in school, work, and public life.

Plan India works with Pink Toilets to mold these spaces into a holistic environment covering all sanitation and safety needs of women, children, people with disability and transgender person. The services like sanitary pad vending machine, breast feeding area, diaper changing section, sanitary pad incinerators are being made available in all the PINK toilets.  The PINK toilets have all female staff as attendants and supervisors and is striving to make the Pink Toilet staff progressive and accountable for better level of decision making and dwell on self-sustainability.


The primary objectives of this initiative are as follows:

  1. In alignment with Sustainable Development Goals, work via Public-Private collaboration models making urban spaces and facilities to be more safe, inclusive and accessible for women
    and girls, creating a human centre design for social & economic growth.
  2. Focus on capacity building & increasing the ease and efficiency of work for women employees of PINK toilet by introducing skills and technology.
  3. Transform these into women-led facilities, where the toilets become hubs of community awareness on identified women-related causes and issues.
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Currently, there are 10 operational Pink Toilets in Delhi being supported by Plan India which are as follows:

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