Youth Advisory Panel

The engagement of youth as agents of change in society is an important component of Plan India’s work. Through the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), Plan is looking to encourage young pioneers to raise their voices on issues that affect them and the communities they live in and engage in the organisation’s work through active participation in programming, advocacy and governance.

As the first step, a meeting was organised by the Delhi state team with our NGO partners to start the recruitment process and outline the project objectives. In all, 43 youth from 9 states were selected as representatives.

Thereafter, along with its facilitating agency Pravah, a five day workshop was organised in June 2015 for state selected participants to integrate them into the initiative. The aim of the workshop was to articulate their interest and purpose of being a YAP member and identify and define the essential elements to make YAP a desired space for young people to participate. Apart from this, it looked to apply the best practices of collaborative decision making and evaluate and develop an action plan for themselves.

The top 25 representatives were selected to be part of the National Youth Advisory Panel with the other members involved in a supporting role at state level. In addition, one of the members, Neha, was selected as a representative on the Global Youth Advisory Panel.

The excitement and enthusiasm shown by the members is evidence enough to confirm that YAP will be able to provide a platform for youth to be successful in helping change their lives and those in their communities and states.