Located 45 km from Udaipur, Kegra is a village with 175 households. It is mainly populated by the Meena tribe who live in three main hamlets. The main source of livelihood for the villagers in Kegra is subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry. Due to a lack of employment option, most men migrate to cities or other states and the women along with the children and elderly people stay back in the village. As a result, the women end up with a lot of responsibility and work. 

Kegra has an Elementary school, a health sub-centre run by an Auxiliary Nurse Mid-wife (ANM), and an Anganwadi for pre-schoolers. Since Plan India started working in the village, we have constituted the village’s child protection committee, introduced child centred community development  and initiated several other activities. 

The village is in a hilly area and hence was not every cultivable. The soil cover was poor and people depended on rain for irrigation. We realised that an improvement in soil and agriculture, would have a holistic positive impact on other trades of the villages. So, we undertook the task of deepening the wells, land levelling and farm building. 

Plan India has also conducted health awareness drives regarding Tuberculosis, Malaria, COVID-19 and awareness around lactation practices  for pregnant women and young mothers. With schools reopening, additional focus is now on ensuring that more and more children attend school. 

While a lot of work has been done in Kegra, a lot of opportunity for growth and progress still exists. If you support Kegra, our first task will be to start work on the much needed school renovations. We will build separate toilets for boys and girls. The school needs new computers, sports materials and books. This will result in an increase in attendance and overall literacy and ultimately a more progressive village.  So, help us make Kegra a model village for the children.

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