Create lasting impact: One village at a time

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“The future of India lies in its villages” – Mahatma Gandhi 

There is an urgency to bring Indian villages to the centre stage in the agenda. India, home to one-sixth of all humanity, holds the key to the success of the 2030 SDG agenda. SDG goals in India are not attainable without a robust rural development program with the inclusion of rural economy.

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Improving the quality of life and economic well-being of 65% Indians living in 664,369 villages is a daunting challenge. Poverty and disparity in per capita rural and urban incomes have remained persistently high.

 A lot of work has been done since the independence but the overall slow progress attests to the vision of providing sustainable and inclusive rural development in India by increasing livelihood opportunities, extending social safety and developing child centered education, healthcare and industrial infrastructure is far from reality.

Rural and urban development needs to go hand in hand, not one at the cost of another. The capacity of India’s youth to innovate, needs to be unleashed in villages. Join the movement to uplift the under-resourced villages. Join the movement to secure the lives and livelihoods of the rural population. Join the movement to transform Indian Villages – One village at a time.


Our approach

Gender-transformative Child Centred Community Development in resource-poor villages is our core strategy to transform Indian villages.

‘Support my Village’ initiative identifies the key issues that have the most impact on children’s rights and aims to strengthen the backbone of India by improving the development indicators of its villages. The identification of the areas to work on is done through a participatory approach with children, their families, community, and the local governance structures to develop a micro-level plan to address the issues.

With over 65% of the population living in villages, we need to bring about rural development in India to have a lasting impact on the rights of children, especially girls, through her education, better health, a safe and secure environment, and an opportunity for a livelihood that she desires. Villages of India need quality child centered education that will help their children thrive and realise their full potential.

The 5-year rural development program is designed to improve and ensure quality services towards child centered education, healthcare, nutrition, safe drinking water, social protection, and sustainable livelihoods for all in the villages.


Plan India in Action

These are the stories of some of the villages where Plan India is actively working.
Transform the lives of the children that live here by sponsoring these villages. Click here to explore more villages from map


Rampur is a village located in Uttar Pradesh, almost 33 km from Lucknow. Rampur is home to 211 households and a 100 year old Peepal tree that the villagers consider sacred.


Chali, is a beautiful village lush with green shrubs that cover most of Rajasthan. Home to 414 households, Chali is divided into different hamlets with the tribal community

Kegra Village

Located 45 km from Udaipur, Kegra is a village with 175 households. It is mainly populated by the Meena tribe who live in three main hamlets. The main source of livelihood


In the tough terrains of Jharkhand lies Lara village. Surrounded by trees and rich in natural beauty, it is a popular picnic destination for people


Rutisila is a quaint village located in the Keonjhar district of Odisha. Home to 1080 people, Rutisila is an agricultural village where most of its population relies on rice farming.

5 year intervention strategy

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Explore Villages

Support My Village

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Fund an entire “Support My Village” program as an individual, family or group, and make a LASTING difference in the lives of children and their families for generations to come. Learn more about how you, your organization, or your business can help lift a community out of poverty. Get started today!

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