Plan India will ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations

Plan India will examine each request for refund of donation and endeavour to make the refund. Plan India may also seek further information / documents and donor must co-operate in this regard. We will be happy to refund the donation provided the donor informs Plan India via email/letter and claim his/her refund within 15 calendar days from the date of donation and can expect to receive the refund within 15 calendar days from the request date of refund.

The information regarding the refund will be notified via email/letter with the complete details. In case of online donation, the refund will be done via payment gateway in the respective credit card/bank account. In case of cheques, it will be done by cheques only on the name of the donors only.

Please note that the refund will be done based on the current currency rates and all refunds will be made in INR only.

Plan India will not refund any donation amount in cash.

Donors can raise a complaint & request for related information by emailing us at and we will promptly respond back.