About Plan India Impact Awards

Plan India established the Plan India Impact Awards in 2017 to recognise the unwavering contributions of the last mile champions. Across its four editions, the Awards have nationally celebrated outstanding functionaries, provided the impetus to continue their efforts, and reinforced their best practices in the field.

Plan India Impact Awards 2022 are open to all community frontline workers, volunteers, and changemakers who work tirelessly in their own communities and beyond, to encourage and ensure greater participation across the country. This has been done to recognize their exemplary contributions, and document best practices from the field, to bolster exceptional performers and existing programmes in the pursuit of their life-changing contributions.

The last date for filling nominations is June 5th, 2022. The final awardees shall be announced in a hybrid event in Delhi on July 23rd, 2022. 

List of Categories for 2022

S. No.CategoriesGuidance Note
1.Best Anganwadi WorkerDownload Now
2.Best Accredited Social Health Activist/Auxiliary Nurse, MidwifeDownload Now
3.Best Child Welfare Committee Download Now
4.Best Youth Change-maker (Male)Download Now
5.Best Youth Change-maker (Female)Download Now
6.Best Community Volunteer (including COVID Warrior) Download Now
7.Best Women’s Self Help GroupDownload Now
8.Special Award – Last-Mile Champion for Girls’ Rights Download Now

About the nomination form

Guidelines: This form is divided into four sections, all sections are mandatory. Please remember that only one nomination can be filled per application form.
The nomination form is structured as below:-

  • Section 1: Award Category and Eligibility Criteria – Please tick the appropriate award category.
  • Section 2: General Information – Please provide details of the nominee and nominator.
  • Section 3: Qualitative Parameters – Please provide elaborative descriptions with examples from actual situations, achievements, impact and success stories. Details pertaining to each award category are available for reference in the respective Category Guidelines.
  • Section 4: Declaration – Please ensure that you tick “Yes” in front of the declaration statements in order to be considered for the evaluation.

Key information for filing the nomination form

  1. Please nominate and fill the form based on work undertaken last year (i.e. 1st January 2021 to the 31st December 2021).
  2. Name and designation should be filled in all the nomination forms.
  3. All the forms are to be submitted by the 5th of June 2022.
  4. Entries will be accepted in English only.
  5. Attachments in other languages should be translated into a short brief in English and be submitted in PDF format.
  6. All nominations need to meet the defined eligibility criteria.
  7. Winners from the past two years are not eligible for the Plan India Impact Award 2022.