A teacher, takes a hand, opens the mind and touches the heart! Teachers play an irreplaceable role in a students’ life. Their thoughts, ideologies and knowledge stays with a student all through their life. And when a teacher is as diligent as Sanjay Kumar, then undoubtedly students are motivated. Speaking to 1,600 students at one go and hand-holding each, Sanjay teaches complex mathematical equations like a pro!

Sanjay has been teaching Math to students of Class IX and X at the Digital Learning Centre (DLC) in Dwarka. The Digital Learning Centres, set up by Plan India in collaboration with Ericsson, utilise technology solutions to provide a quality education to young women in the age of 15-25 years within their own communities, thereby overcoming the challenge of limited mobility. And Sanjay has been there since its inception. “When I first joined, I did not have a lot of exposure on ICT (Information and Communications Technology), but after initial hiccups, I learnt the proper use of ICT and now from the DLC hub, I connect with 1,600 girls across Delhi and teach them Math. I ensure that all doubts regarding course curriculum, equations and problems are addressed in the hour long sessions,” shared Sanjay.

Speaking about motivation, Sanjay remarks, “I get to learn so much from the girls, it is a new day every day. I am able to impart knowledge across diverse sections of society and classes here are completely free of cost. It is a great morale booster for me.”

The DLC hosts 4 batches per day starting from 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. so that girls can attend the classes after school hours. The facility, which is clearly accessible from the main road, is well maintained and has all the basic amenities. English, Science and Math are taught along with special classes on personality development, human rights, sexual and reproductive health and career counselling.

To gauge progress and development, Sanjay has devised an assessment routine, which helps him understand the requirements of the students.

“Girls are the future of the country, when one educates a girl, society changes for the better. I witness progress every day, I see the girls excelling in studies, forming opinions and voicing their concerns on early marriage. I feel I am empowering them through education,” he beams.

Passion and desire to empower girls through education is clearly what drives this educator.

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