balika shivir

Balika Shivir initiative gives accelerated learning and skill training to school dropout girls and young women through local training centers. Witness the transformation.

voices of girl changemakers

MANISHA, from Bihar shares her concern on the lack of sanitary napkins for adolescent girls. She is also concerned about nutritious food and safe delivery options for pregnant women during COVID-19.

PARI, from Jharkhand is scared to step out of her house as the pandemic continues. She is struggling, yet strongly adapting to the drastic changes in her lifestyle due to the lockdown.

SHRUTI, from Telangana amidst the pandemic is managing her studies online. While Shruti has the option to learn online, UNESCO estimates that over 89% of children are currently out of school because of COVID-19 closures.

SRISHTI, from Uttarakhand appeals to the people to show their kindness for street animals and keep food for them so that they do not go hungry.

PRAVALIKA, from Telangana calls on for all girls to be leaders in their communities and inspire people to stay safe and healthy.

CHANDA, from Odisha shares how her life has come to a halt due to COVID-19.

KOMAL, from Rajasthan is anxious about the continuity of her learning and education, as her college has been shut down amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

SNEHA, from Delhi is missing her mom who is away and could not get back home due to the lockdown. She is also missing playing outside with friends as the lockdown continues. But she is content that everyone is safe and healthy.

AARTI, from Delhi is utilising her lockdown time mentoring her brothers and sisters on how to lead a healthy life. She is also concerned about people who are losing their jobs and advises them to stay calm and safe as that is of utmost importance now.

YASHASVI, from Bihar has penned this song to keep us all motivated and going in these difficult times. It has a message that together we all can win this battle.

KAVYA, from Telangana stresses on the need to have good physical and mental health during these testing times. She shares how her family is playing games on the terrace to stay healthy and active.

PRACHIPRAGYAN, from Odisha gives a gentle reminder to continue practising social distancing and frequent washing of hands to stay safe from COVID-19.

SAKINA, from Telangana thanks Plan India for creating awareness around COVID-19 and making them feel protected at these difficult times too.