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Career planning has always been a problem for many children and young people, especially for girls and young women from low socio-economic backgrounds. Choosing the right career path becomes even more challenging for students of deprived communities as many of them are the first generation learners in their family. It is not feasible for them to access expensive counselling and guidance services that can help them decide their careers.

Acknowledging this needs of the young aspirants, Plan India launched a project called “Paramarsh” which is a unique intervention for career guidance and counselling services in Delhi, Odisha and Telengana. It enables children and youth, particularly girls and young women in the age group of 13 to 24 years from vulnerable communities, to take informed career choices in higher education and skill building courses.

Paramarsh is designed on a well-integrated gender transformative approach towards higher education and skill building courses providing gender-sensitive career guidance and counselling services.

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Key Programme Objectives

  • To provide career guidance services to children/young people, especially adolescent girls and young women
  • To provide them information about access to relevant educational and vocational courses based on their Aptitude Test
  • To identify expert institutions from the Government and private agencies for connecting potential children and young people with opportunities
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You can contact us for career counseling ‘Paramarsh’.
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