Support for Emergency


Children making their way through flood waters


*More than 20 million affected due to urban flooding in Mumbai

157 villages severely affected in Uttar Pradesh

19 districts reeling under massive floods in Bihar

21 districts ravaged by floods in Assam

With more than six states in the country reeling from devastating floods, India is facing an unprecedented flood situation. With the India Meteorological Department issuing fresh warnings of heavy rainfall across 12 other states, nearly 30% of the country’s population is expected to be affected. The crisis is alarming and it needs immediate attention. More than 10 million people have been evacuated to higher ground and the number is on the rise.

More than 700 individuals have been reported either missing or dead.

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Plan India's Humanitarian Response

Women and children are the most vulnerable during such situations. They are most susceptible to water and vector-borne diseases, malaria, cholera, malnutrition, infections, diarrhoea

Plan India has already reached out to 5,084 families across Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai and aims to reach 20,000 families through its relief efforts.

Our primary focus is to provide

- Household kit: Tarpaulin sheets, rope, flash torch with batteries, mosquito nets, floor mats and a set of utensils.

- Water kit: Jerry cans, buckets, mugs, and water purification tablets.

- Hygiene kit: Soaps with soap cases, towels (for children and adults), sanitary pads, tooth paste, tooth brushes, antiseptic liquid, laundry tubs, detergent powder, combs and safety pins.

- Educational kit: School bags, pencils, exercise books, pencil box, drawing book and eraser.

Plan India requests your urgent support for our relief efforts in Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai. It is critical for aid to reach the worst affected and most vulnerable populations immediately. Your support can help provide basic necessities to thousands of families, dignity to hundreds of women and girls and help children go back to school.

Your help will bring much needed relief to those devastated by the floods, especially children, women and the elderly.

*Source: Joint Rapid Needs Assessment Report, August 2017