Safe School Programme

ngo for school disaster management
A school in Assam affected by floods


Disasters have led to massive destruction to school buildings as well as loss of lives of school children in India. It is imperative that schools are prepared and are disaster resilient so that students have a safe and conducive learning environment.

Plan India’s Safe School Programme seeks to strengthen the resilience in and through the education sector. The goal of the programme is to ensure safety, accessibility, sustainability and relevance of children’s education in the context of disasters and climate change while building a culture of safety and contribute to the resilience of the children and community.

We aim to reach 200 schools through structural and non-structural mitigation and risk reduction measures. Structural retrofitting shall ensure building structural strength of existing school buildings. Non-structural mitigation measures ensures that the hazards due to falling objects are averted through anchoring of the architectural elements such as ensuring the outward opening of doors, filming of glass windows, anchoring of the cup boards, computers, etc.

Safe School Programmes also aims to build knowledge and skills of all key stakeholders, including school children, teachers, parents and the management to prepare school disaster management plans and take actions that would help them protect their lives in the events of a disaster.

Donation Options

Structural and Non-Structural Retrofitting of School Building: INR 150,000 per school


Building Awareness of the School Children: INR 12,000 per school


You can also donate through cheque, drawn in favour of Plan International (India Chapter).