Support For Assam Floods

Floods have ravaged the state of Assam. People have lost their homes, livelihoods, personal belongings and many are separated from their families. Children, adolescents and young women are the most vulnerable during such crisis situations. The current flood situation in Assam is critical with Karimgunj and Lakhimpur being the worst affected districts. Authorities are expecting the situation to get worse as all four rivers in Assam are flowing above the danger mark.

The flood inundation has submerged the houses, agricultural lands and have affected the schools in these areas. The road to recovery will be slow owing to the continuous rains and prolonged water logging. Basic services have also been disrupted forcing families to live in relief camps; leaving children in a state of trauma.

Children are scared with some separated from their families. In such a situation, it is important to create safe spaces for children. Plan India's humanitarian response is to provide children in relief camps with safe and child friendly spaces which will help them mitigate trauma.

The shelters of these affected families have been severely damaged as well. The household items are lost in flood waters and shelters are affected.

Plan India will be focusing its humanitarian relief in Morigaon district, which is one of the worst affected areas in Assam. Our priority will be to provide Non-Food Items (NFI) including hygiene kits to the worst affected families and create Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) that support children with basic needs of safe drinking water, supplementary nutrition, hygiene, education and child protection.

Plan India is mobilizing the community, imparting high quality training to the ground staff and spreading awareness about child rights, child protection, juvenile laws and the like.

We need your support and help to:

- Create Safe Child Friendly Spaces

- Provide NFI Kits to the most affected families

- Provide shelter repairs for affected and marginalized communities

Plan India's Outreach through Assam Flood Response 2017:

- No. of Child Friendly Spaces will be created: 50

- No. of beneficiaries to be reached: 5,000

- No. of families to be provided with NFI Kits: 500

- No. of families to be supported with shelter repairs: 200

Your support can help the children in the flood affected areas

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