• Highlights: The first batch of 317 adolescent girls trained on self-defence and got certified by Parivartan Cell of Delhi Police.
  • Highlights: 70,000 community members indirectly engaged on the subject of girls' safety
  • Highlights: 8,327 adolescent girls and 1,397 boys have been engaged through various community activities of the project
  • Highlights: In Hyderabad, Plan currently works in 25 slum clusters supporting 25,960 persons, out of which, 5,796 are girls and 5,388 are boys.
  • Highlights: The total number of sponsored children in Bihar is 9,731, out of which 7,878 (81%) are girls.
  • Highlights: Plan in Odisha supports more than 15,333 girls and 17,122 boys with its projects and programmes.
  • Highlights: At present, Plan programmes touch the lives of 92,000 families in approximately 820 Panchayats across 8 districts in Rajasthan.
  • Highlights: Plan reaches more than 89,078 girls and 93,167 through its projects and programmes in Delhi.


Programme Areas

  • Churchu Hazaribagh

    Our Child Centred Community Development (CCCD) programme is being implemented in Churchu block of Hazaribagh district comprising of 21 villages and 3 Panchayats. The households covered are 2,371 with total population of more than 15,000.

  • Advocacy Initiatives on Child Malnutrition, Right to Education and Child Protection

    With the overwhelming response of the social audit process of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and with support from the CSNCR, Plan India has facilitated the social audit pilot phase.