project samanta address gender inequality issue "Women workers who are no longer subjected to wage disparity and discrimination under Project Samanta"

To address the issue of Gender wage disparity and discrimination in the work environment, Plan India is implementing the European Union supported Project Samanta in the Ambedkar Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

Through the project, over 10,000 working women were identified and mobilised into women’s collectives (324 collectives). The focus of the project is on capacity building of Working Women Collective's (WWC) on negotiation skills, human rights and workplace laws.

The WWC in turn has started discussing on grievances/violation cases for redressal. Women collectives have also been doing dialogues on negotiation with employers in achieving wage parity with men peer.

Key Achievements

  • Increased participation of women in workforce from 90 days to 130 days in a year
  • Increase in wage of working women to their counterpart - from a range of INR 50-60 to INR 125-160
  • Increase in household income of women labour from INR 5,400 per annum to INR 19,500 per annum
  • 10,000 working women have increased participation in workplace on employment opportunity negotiation
  • 1,952 employers have been sensitised on promotion of gender based wage parity and non-discrimination in the work environment
  • 2,213 working women have been trained on workplace laws
  • 326 working women availed benefits of various labour schemes
  • 20,148 children of working women have been enrolled in age appropriate learning institutions
  • In association with Panchayati Raj Institutions, 9 Block Resource Centres have been established for dissemination of gender wage parity information with working women