Our Staff

Plan India is part of a global network employing more than 7,000 staff and 60,000 volunteers in over 69 countries.

Currently, we have approximately 180 employees working for Plan in India. Our Staff

Plan India's Country Management Team

  • Anuja Bansal - Executive Director
  • Ashok Seth - Director Finance & Assurance and General Counsel
  • Mohammed Asif - Director, Programme Implementation
  • Anita Sharad - Director, Resource Mobilisation
  • Pooja Mathur - Director, HR, Organisational Development & Operations
  • Munira Vaid - Senior Manager, International Child Sponsorship and Donor Servcing
  • Pinky Pradhan - Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Rochana Mitra - Project Director
  • Manabendranath Ray - Director, Programme Strategy and Policy

Please contact the following persons for information/queries

For Programmes:

Mohammed Asif, Director, Programme Implementation
Email: mohammed.asif@planindia.org

For Marketing and Communications:

Pinky Pradhan, Director, Marketing and Communications

Email: pinky.pradhan@planindia.org

For International Child Sponsorship:

Munira Vaid, Senior Manager, International Child Sponsorship and Donor Servcing

Email: munira.vaid@planindia.org

For Donations and Funding Plan Programmes:

Anita Sharad, Director, Resource Mobilisation
Email: anita.sharad@planindia.org

For Human Resource and Organisational Development:

Pooja Mathur, Director, HR, Organisational Development & Operations

Email: pooja.mathur@planindia.org

For Media Enquiries:

Shompa Mohanty, Manager, Media and Communications
Email: shompa.mohanty@planindia.org

For Corporate Partnerships:

North and East - Mansi Chaturvedi
Email: mansi.chaturvedi@planindia.org

West - Saurabh Sonavane:
Email: saurabh.sonavane@planindia.org

South - Chandan Yakapur
Email: chandan.yakapur@planindia.org