Madanpur Khadar

Madanpur Khadar is a village in South Delhi Tehsil and is inhabited by close to 15,000 families.

Key achievements

  • There were a total of 1,264 birth registrations this year.
  • Total children immunised during this year is 1,398.
  • A total 317 dropout children has been mainstreamed this year.
  • Counseling sessions with parents has been organised for decreasing dropout rates and to enrol children in formal education.
  • During the year, 18 disabled children (8 boys and 10 girls) have been mainstreamed in formal school. Mainstreaming takes place after a yearlong process where children are supported through therapy and education according to their special needs through the Gyan Jyoti Kendras. During this period, the staff works with the parents and counsels them about their child’s condition and how it is important for the child to be mainstreamed.
  • 49 children (29 boys and 20 girls) were linked up to Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital and National Institute for Mentally Handicapped and disability certificates were issued to them.
  • Out of 237 child deliveries, 189 were institutional.
  • One CLTS model is functional in Madanpur Khadar. 3,600 users benefited in terms of provision of water, 2,700 in terms of provision of sanitation solutions and 3,000 in good hygiene practices. Each monitoring group earns approximately Rs 13,000/month.
  • One rainwater harvesting system was constructed in one school
  • Four SHGs have opened new bank accounts. At present, 20 SHGs are functional in the area and the total saving with SHGs is Rs. 4,67,758 (16 SHGs). The total inter-loaning in SHGs is Rs. 2,69,500
  • Highlights: 300,00 school children benefited from sports for development, Building as Learning Aid (BALA), improved school WASH, digital learning, science labs and library in schools initiatives
  • Highlights: 60,000 people benefited from 75 anaemia screening and prevention camps in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Rajasthan
  • Highlights: 40,000 school going children, particularly adolescent girls, now have access to improved WASH facilities
  • Highlights: 28,000 community members trained on various aspects of child protection
  • Highlights: 30,000 people reached out to with disaster relief during floods in Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai
  • Highlights: 34,000 women members of SHGs and joint liability groups have been trained for entrepreneurial and business skills, financial literacy and financial inclusion


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