Plan is small enough to be genuinely close-knit and friendly. However, we connect regularly with our colleagues across India and around the globe. We are encouraged to innovate and solve problems proactively. A typical day in our life could revolve around capacitating communities to leverage government healthcare systems or providing support to women to become "Saksham" through livelihoods or ensure school sanitation programmes are eradicating diseases and ensuring better education for girl and much more.

It all reflects in the way we care about our communities and focus on harnessing and leveraging the existing systems to build a better future. By living our core values, we work to make Plan and the communities where we work, a better place for us today and for generations to come.

Our passion, experience and commitment to making a difference create a measureable impact that is greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, Plan is already impacting more than a million children across India through various programmes including facilitating the access to government programmes spanning themes including WASH, Health and Nutrition, Education, Early Childhood Care and Development, Prevention of HIV, Child Protection, Livelihoods, Youth Empowerment, Disaster Risk Reduction and more. We strongly believe that our work speaks for itself and has the vision to impact over two million children directly and another five million indirectly in the new Country Strategy Plan for the FY 2020.

We are a recognised leaders in the area of Child Centred Community Development programmes across the world and have a globally acclaimed Child Protection Policy to our credit in tandem with deeply embedded child sponsorship programmes in the most marginalised communities.

Want to work on Child Centred Community Development at scale or in any of the allied functions and do your bit to change the world?

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