Let Girls Be Born

Let Girls Be Born (since 2005), the flagship campaign under BIAAG has successfully completed Phase I in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand in June 2014. The project aimed to empower the community for eliminating sex selection and sex determination and guarantee the right of girls to be born. The campaign had a reach of about 12 million people indirectly and 9.6 million people directly in 198 Panchayats from the selected/identified sixteen districts from six states mentioned. The project has created a huge impact at the community level with different grassroot activation programmes as well as advocacy with the critical stakeholders like, Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) members, judicial, health officials, service providers and implementers of the statutory act. During the campaign, a total of 28,357 children were born out of which 13,713 (48.35%) were girls. A film has also been produced to be widely used for developmental education on this issue.