Kerala Disaster Relief Response

Kerala Disaster Relief Response

Plan India is thankful to NDTV and Tata Sky for its initiative to raise funds for families in three of the worst affected districts of Kerala (Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Idukki).

The donations received are being utilised to support more than 25,000 families in the three districts. As part of the support, affected families are being provided with:

Food Item Kits

- Dry Ration Kits: Rice 25 kg, Dal 2 kg, Oil 1 ltr, Salt 1kg, Sugar 1kg, Biscuits, etc.

Non-Food Item Kits

- Household Kits: Rope, flash torch with batteries, mosquito nets, floor mats and a set of utensils

- Water Kits: Jerry cans, bucket and mugs, and water purification tablets

- Hygiene Kits: Soaps, towels, sanitary napkins, antiseptic liquid, laundry tubs, detergent powder, combs and more

Education Kits

- School bags, activity tools, exercise books, pencil box, pencils, drawing book and eraser

Plan India is working in close coordination with the District Collectors. We will be reaching out to:

Intervention Districts Total No of Families Food Items (Dry Rations) Non-Food Items Education Kits
Pathanamthitta 17,700 10,200 4,500 3,000
Alappuzha 5,400 * 4,500 900
Idukki 3,450 * 450 3,000

*Based on Plan India's Rapid Needs Assessment and discussions with the District Collector, only Non-food Items and Education Kits will be distributed in these districts

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kerala disaster relief response

A police officer supporting the distribution efforts

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A woman at a relief camp registering for relief material