Plan India Impact Awards 2019

Plan India Impact Awards is a Plan India initiative to celebrate the exemplary work of community frontline workers and volunteers in helping achieve national development priorities.

Plan India established the Plan India Impact Awards in 2017. Across its previous two editions, the Awards have nationally celebrated outstanding functionaries, provided impetus to continue their efforts, and reinforced their best practices in the field.

In 2019, the scope of the Awards has been further widened to encourage greater participation from across the country and recognise the exemplary contributions of last mile champions.


  • To celebrate the contributions of outstanding community frontline workers and volunteers in helping achieve national development priorities
  • To document and disseminate best practices from the field, bolstering exceptional performers and existing programmes to continue their life-changing efforts

HALL of FAME 2017

HALL of FAME 2018


The Plan India Impact Awards will reach out to 21 states this year. A new category has been added this year to celebrate the exemplary work of Preraks andField Officers and their contributions in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The 8 categories for this year include:

  • Anganwadi Worker
  • Accredited Social Health Activist/Auxiliary Nurse Midwife
  • Outreach Worker/Frontline Worker
  • Prerak/Field Officer
  • Community Volunteer
  • Youth Champion for Girls’ Rights – Female
  • Youth Champion for Girls’ Rights – Male
  • Best Child Welfare Committee

Eligibility Criteria

Awards will be given to outstanding individual community workers/leaders/social change agents, and not the organisations/institutions by whom they are employed. In order to be eligible, nominees must be based in Plan India intervention states and engaged in programme activities for a minimum of 3 years, aside from the Child Welfare Committee, which must be functional for a period of 1 year. For the Youth Champion for Girls’ Rights – Male and Female category, the young person should be between 15-24 years of age in order to be eligible for the award.

The Process

The Plan India Impact Awards 2019 is a comprehensive two-month process comprising a series of stages:

  • Stage 1: Partner Nominations – Partners from 21 Plan India intervention states send in their best nominations for each category as per their programme area, duly aggregated at each respective region. The forms are vetted for completion and uploaded to an encrypted online portal to ensure safe and seamless data access and management.
  • Stage 2: Knowledge and Process Partner review – Grant Thornton (GT), the Knowledge and Process Partner for 2019, screens and long lists nominees per category, also conducting on-site and randomised validation for each category in multiple districts/states to ensure the nomination process has been fair and transparent.
  • Stage 3: Regional Jury Deliberation – Screened and long listed nominations are reviewed by Regional Jury Panels comprised of subject experts who identify their top 2 contenders in allocated categories. Their scores are collated by GT, and top nominees from across the country are short listed basis average scores or common top contenders.
  • Stage 4: National Jury Selection – A national jury of experts and industry leaders is convened over a day-long meeting, to deliberate on and review the top nominations, and determine a national winner for each of the 8 categories based on evaluation criteria provided by GT.

The enablers over two editions

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • CNBC TV 18
  • BIG FM
  • GONews