With the onset of the monsoon in early July, Bihar continues to be lashed by heavy rainfall causing widespread flooding and displacement in 12 districts of the state. Over 29 lakh people from 2,220 villages have been affected and 7 lakh evacuated to higher ground.

Gopalganj is among the worst hit districts with 85 entire villages submerged and thousands of homes and acres of farmland destroyed. Residents of temporary shelters and those who are returning to their partially submerged villages battle a lack of safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene facilities.

This renders women and children especially vulnerable to water-borne, vector-borne and communicable diseases, skin infections, diarrhoea, dysentery and malnutrition.

Plan India's Response

To mitigate the scarcity of potable water and prevent critical infection, Plan India is working to provide immediate flood relief to 3,000 highly vulnerable families in 15 worst affected villages of Gopalganj, Bihar.

Plan India aims to support 12,500 vulnerable people with access to water, hygiene and dignity kits. Our prime focus is the management of water contamination and the promotion of safer hygiene and sanitation practices among flood affected communities.

Core Needs

Water, hygiene and dignity kits containing supplies for approximately 1.5 months will be provided to flood affected families to supplement existing rations supplied by the Government.

Each kit includes:

  • Plastic jerry-can (10 litre), bucket (16 litre) and mugs (2 pcs)
  • Water tablets for purification (6 strips)
  • Hypoallergenic, antiseptic soap (4 pcs) and soap box (2 pcs)
  • Eco-friendly laundry detergent (2.5 kg) and plastic washing tub (25 litre)
  • Napkins for children (3 pcs)
  • Cotton bath towels (2 big, 2 small)
  • Disposable, sanitary napkins (2 packs of 20)
  • Dishwashing detergent (1 kg)
  • Disinfectant

Appeal for Support

Plan India requests your urgent support for our relief efforts in Bihar. It is of vital importance that relief materials reach flood ravaged families and communities immediately. Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities sorely lacking, affecting thousands of lives.

You can help by sponsoring water, hygiene and dignity kits for a family of 5, at a cost of INR 1,750 per kit per family.

Your timely support will be integral to bringing much needed relief to those devastated by the floods especially children, women and the elderly.

All donations are eligible for availing 50% tax exemption u/s 80 G(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961

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