ngo for gender discriminatory


The project focusses on capacity building of staff, community youth and PRI members on gender. The idea was to create an understanding among the youth and PRI so they can identify gender discriminatory practices in their community and address them through community action.

2015 marks the second phase of the project in three geographical locations Gairsain, Uttarkashi and Udaipur.

Key Achievements

  • Refresher training of all frontline staff on gender issues was a regular part of the project. 26 project staff across three PUs participated in these trainings.
  • Project staff trained youth to conduct regular monthly meetings with their peers and tackle gender issues prevalent in the community; to help other youth group members actively think about existing gender norms and intervene as a group through community action.
  • To hold the interest of youths in group meetings, special events like career counselling workshops, trainings on leadership and life skills, self-defence classes for girls and conducting small research/surveys. 7,761 youth participated in these sessions.
  • Interface meetings between youth, community members and PRI members proved to be very positive and progressive interventions in this project. As the youth and PRI were trained, an enabling environment was created for youth to share their opinions aside from an openness among the Gram Panchayat and communities to listen.
  • The youth utilised youth fairs on the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child/International Youth Day, to present their observations and views on gender disparities through debates, street plays, and posters.