Dreams on Streets

There are an estimated 50,000 street children in Delhi and around 7,500 children involved in begging. Dreams on Streets aims to give freedom to children from begging at street lights.

Plan India initiated the project for ending child begging at the traffic signals of New Delhi in November 2015. The overarching goal is to ensure freedom to children from begging and that they are gradually weaned away from traffic signals and mainstreamed in government schools where they can continue with their education. At another level, the project seeks to link the family/caregivers of these children with sustainable livelihoods so that household economic security is achieved.

Children aged between 3-18 years are given non-formal education in English, Hindi and Math and are also provided with art therapy. Apart from this, the children are given nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), basic clothing facilities, psychological care and medical aid and life skill education. In some cases, children are helped in re-interaction and restoration with their families. Presently, the Dreams on Street project is designed as a pilot initiative and is supporting approx. 150 children who were forced into begging by their caregivers at two major locations - Munirka and Nizamuddin.

Key Achievements (July - Dec 2017)

  • 300 children were enrolled in a four day camp
  • Libraries have been set up and children are encouraged to spend time reading
  • 12 health camps and two sports tournaments were held for the children
  • Local administration including the Delhi Government, Delhi Police and New Delhi District Administration have provided space for night shelters dedicated to the children for their rehabilitation and daily activities

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