DELPHI Project

DELPHI Project "A family who benefited from the Digital Entrepreneur Led Platform for Higher Education Project"

In February 2016, Plan India, in partnership with i2india, initiated a study to assess the feasibility for creating digital platforms that provides education, healthcare and vocational skills development services in rural areas. The study concluded that such a platform, combined with a strategy that taps existing entrepreneurial and investment potential at the village level, could help achieve massive reach and scale up of Plan India’s goals.

The DELPHI (Digital Entrepreneur Led Platform for Higher Education) project is designed as an Aggregator Model where Plan India works as an aggregator of development services provided by Village Level Entrepreneur (VLEs) in programme areas who can emerge as the new front line for providing impactful services in rural communities. The project aims to identify, nurture and support at least 10,000 VLEs and provide services to more than one million children, women and men by the year 2020.

Key Achievements

  • 5 VLEs have signed up for implementing the project. Two more VLEs are in the process of signing up. MoUs with Plan India have been signed by the VLEs.
  • Agencies for providing broadband connectivity, educational content, skills training and cloud based hosting of applications have been evaluated and shortlisted. Requirements for back end software development have been evolved.
  • Workshops on project DELPHI were conducted for prospective VLEs at Patna and Lucknow, with live demonstration of the education content and healthcare systems. This was instrumental in convincing the VLEs regarding the potential and the financial viability of the project.
  • Guidance and support being provided to the VLEs for setting up their centres for marketing and commencing delivery of services.