Plan India has been working in Roopwas block of Bharatpur district since 1993 among the Bedias, Nats, Kanjars, etc. The initial few years were invested in understanding the area, needs and requirements of the people, causes leading to the practice of prostitution/crime among caste groups and developing relationships with people and linkages with local government and non-government agencies.

In Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, the communities primarily belong to Bedias, Nats, Kanjars, Saperas, Bajgars, Banjaras and Bawariya (considered 'Dalit' or scheduled caste communities). These communities have a poor record of education and functional/vocational skills that has led to a decline in traditional livelihood opportunities. The steady social acceptance of prostitution/crime as a means of livelihood and the easy money that comes from these sources has led to adoption of prostitution/trafficking/crime/illegal (liquor) distillation by these communities and is now practiced rampantly.

Key Achievements

  • 419 out of schools children inclusive of 146 children from target communities were mainstreamed.
  • Seven out of school girls have been readmitted in school (6th grade onward).
  • 299 children, inclusive of 113 from target communities were linked with ICDS based pre-schooling in the age group (3-6 years).
  • 312 children (0-3 years), inclusive of 116 from the target communities were enrolled at ICDS centres.
  • 1,346 pregnant and lactating mothers were provided health care series, 298 from target communities. Out of these, 16 women in regular commercial sex work delivered their babies in government hospital.
  • 537 adolescent girls have been provided Adolescent Reproductive Sexual Health (ARSH) education.
  • The project worked with mother (in commercial sex work) to ensure they spent more time with their babies post-delivery period. As a result, an increase of two months in their stay post-delivery has been noticed.
  • 60-62% children from 0-2 years from the target communities have been provided vaccination.
  • Ten youths have been supported to get admission in IITs.
  • 77 youth have been provided career counseling and exposure to vocational institution.
  • 944 Aadhar cards, five ration cards, eleven caste certificates and eight residential certificates have been facilitated.
  • 51 bank accounts of target communities (girls involved in commercial sex work) have been opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna.
  • 30 women's SHGs have been formed, which have membership from the target communities. Four exclusive groups of target communities have also been formed.
  • Highlights: The first batch of 317 adolescent girls trained on self-defence and got certified by Parivartan Cell of Delhi Police.
  • Highlights: 70,000 community members indirectly engaged on the subject of girls' safety
  • Highlights: 8,327 adolescent girls and 1,397 boys have been engaged through various community activities of the project
  • Highlights: In Hyderabad, Plan currently works in 25 slum clusters supporting 25,960 persons, out of which, 5,796 are girls and 5,388 are boys.
  • Highlights: The total number of sponsored children in Bihar is 9,731, out of which 7,878 (81%) are girls.
  • Highlights: Plan in Odisha supports more than 15,333 girls and 17,122 boys with its projects and programmes.
  • Highlights: At present, Plan programmes touch the lives of 92,000 families in approximately 820 Panchayats across 8 districts in Rajasthan.
  • Highlights: Plan reaches more than 89,078 girls and 93,167 through its projects and programmes in Delhi.


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