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Digital Learning Centres

Digital Learning Centres, set up by Plan India in collaboration with Ericsson, utilise technology solutions to provide a quality education to young women in the age group of 15-25 years within their own communities, thereby overcoming the challenge of limited mobility.

The programme aims to ensure increased access to opportunities for self-development for 15,000 girls across Delhi. So far, 15 learning centres have been set up at 3 geographic clusters where girls can attend classes.

In order to encourage girls on the path of empowerment, they are taught on three subjects – English, Math and Science. The content has been developed after consultations with them and incorporating components of personality development, gender equality, reproductive sexual health, vocational skills and career counselling. Classes are scheduled on the basis of duration and complexity of content on specific issues.

Key Achievements

  • 15,000 girls accessed ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enabled learning centres
  • 15,000 girls accessed age appropriate education opportunities
  • 45,000 families sensitised on importance of girls’ education

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